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Take a Trip Through the Water

Kayaks and SUP’s might seem intimidating to the first-time user, but once you get in the seat and hold the paddle in your hands, you quickly get a feel for the right amount of balance required. Start out in shallow water — our kayaks float in water that is only a few inches deep. Once you build up some confidence, head out into the deeper water, and you will be paddling with a huge smile on your face!

If you are not a strong swimmer, make sure to wear the life jacket that we provide with our water rentals. It is hard to know just how deep the water is when you are floating on the surface, so don’t assume that you will be able to stand up and not have to swim if you get out of the kayak away from shore.

  • Rentals come with local delivery and pick-up. Except for Half Day Rentals.
  • All SUP and kayak rentals come with life jackets and paddles.

What to Bring

Please have a valid photo ID available for pick-up/delivery.