Scooter Sales at Coastal Cruisers has a great selection of Scooters for sale.
One of our newest models is the Zummer. This is a 2 passenger 50CC scooter that is perfect for cruising around Miramar Beach, Destin and Santa Rosa Beach.

Zummer 2 Passenger Scooter

Zummers are built to last and have many features that are seen on motorcycles. Many parts on these scooters are metal as opposed to plastic on cheaper models, and the brake pads are significantly larger providing better performance and durability.

We also have the new Maddogs in stock as well as retro-vintage scooters. We repair all types of scooters and often have used ones available for sale at very good prices.
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Retro Vintage Style Scooters for Sale in Miramar Beach Destin FloridaScooters are a great way to cruise around town. The are much cheaper than a motorcycle and you never have any problem finding a parking space!
Most of our scooter are 50CC. Basically that is the power of the motor and scooters that are 50CC generally have a maximum speed of 35 MPH. Operators of 50CC scooters are not required to have anything more than a standard drivers license. Scooters with larger motors (150CC) do have to have a motorcycle drivers license as these scooters are legal on all highways since they can go up to 60 MPH. The next jump is to 250CC scooters which can travel at Freeway speeds up to 75 MPH.
For cruising around the beach or town 50CC does just fine for most people and they get GREAT GAS MILEAGE!

Stop by Coastal Cruisers conveniently located in Miramar Beach (just east of Destin) on Hwy 98.
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