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The Best Source for Scooter Rentals

Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair! Coastal Cruisers has a great selection of rental scooters that are legal to drive on all streets posted at 35 mph or under.

  • 49cc Single & Double Scooters: We have a huge selection of one and two-person scooters in a wide range of colors. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a scooter. We show you how to safely ride one of these in our large parking lot and then turn you loose to have fun!
  • Scoot Cars: Scoot Cars (Scoot Coupes) are an absolute blast to drive around the Destin area! No special license is required, and they are legal to drive on all roads with a speed limit of up to 35 mph. Coastal Cruisers is in the perfect location close to Destin’s Scenic Hwy 98, which runs right along the beachfront. This is a perfect stretch of road to cruise with friends and family in the beautiful Florida sunshine! We have plenty of Scoot Coupes available, so you can get your whole group together and have your own convoy of FUN!
  • 50cc Maddog: The Maddog Low Rider is the perfect option for cruising with attitude!
  • 50cc Racer: The Racer50 is a scooter unlike anything else! It comes with an air-cooled engine, front disc brake, and more! This scooter is a real blast to ride, cruises up to 31 mph, and it’s a head-turner too! Its sleek, street bike design is perfect for first-time riders, and its performance will leave you wanting more!

What to Bring

Please have a valid photo ID available for pick-up/delivery.