Kids grow up so FAST!
Coastal Cruisers Destin Kids Bike Step Up ProgramAnd that means they grow out of their bicycles fast too!
With our brand new Kids Step Up Program Coastal Cruisers can help!

When a child asks for a bicycle many parents will just add one to their shopping list. The next shopping trip they take to their ‘big box’ store they purchase a nice looking boys or girls bike and are probably happy that they only had to spend $75.99 for it. So what’s wrong with that?

Cheap Bikes are Cheap

Here are the main reasons NOT to purchase your child an inexpensive bicycle

Safety: Inexpensive bikes are made of the cheapest materials with poorly machined parts. That matters. The failure of any of the hundreds of parts that make up a bicycle could result in your child being distracted while riding or worse. At best this will be an annoyance but could also result in a collision or falling off of the bike which could result in injury. There are critical load bearing components that will not be able to withstand normal usage let alone the stress put on a bike by a budding BMX racer or X-Games participant. Coastal Cruisers in Miramar Beach (East Destin) Florida will make sure that your child has a bike that is built to last for years and not just weeks.

Enjoyment: If your child has a bike that has loose handlebars, pedals or seat, or that has wheels that don’t roll smoothly or gears or brakes that don’t work correctly (or at all) they will not have fun for very long. This defeats the purpose of having a bike in the first place.
Coastal Cruisers will fit your child to a quality bike that fits them, looks cool and they will LOVE riding it until they are ready for their new one!

Durability: Cheap bikes are not built to last, they are built to generate profit for the seller.

Step Up Program Details


We help you purchase a quality bike that perfectly fits the size and skill level of your child.


Free annual maintenance on that bike (bring it by the shop)


Once the child has outgrown their bicycle we take the old bike back and provide a new one at a discounted price.


We will continue this process until the child is able to move into an adult sized bicycle usually by their mid-teens.


Kids Bicycle Size Guide

Kids Bike Size Chart, Coastal Cruisers Destin FL Kids Bike Program