Coastal Cruisers in Destin, FL has a great selection of bikes for sale ! A huge selection of Beach Cruisers, All-Terrain (Mountain), Hybrid, Sport-Comfort and Road Bikes. We also have Kids Bikes, BMX, bikes for the serious rider and for the whole family! Check out our Scooter Sales section
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Bike Sales is just one of Coastal Cruisers specialties. We have a good selection of many types of bikes for sale (as well as scooters). Come by the bike shop and check out our bicycle inventory -which is constantly being added to. John is the area bike professional and can answer any questions you have about any type of bike. He can find the perfect bike for anyone and if you have a bike that doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ right, bring it to the bike shop and they will be happy to help adjust it so that you can have the most fun (and be safe) riding.

Coastal Cruisers is the only Authorized Raleigh dealer on the northwest Florida coast. Other brands we carry include: GT, Diamondback, Nirve, 3G, Jamis, Sun, Hampton, Redline, Justice and more!


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