Cold Weather Cycling

It’s January (Happy New Year!)

Here in Northwest Florida we don’t get too cold, even though visitors from the lower portion of the State will disagree!
We where on the beach just the other day, it was 60 degrees with a slight breeze blowing, the sun was out and it was beautiful. There was the family dressed in snow gear. The kids building a sand castle with mittens on their hands, while the poor parents sat huddle together watching and trying to stay warm. Felt sorry for them…
Cold Weather BikingAnyway…
A little cool weather is no excuse to stay off your bike. If it’s rainy and cold head to the gym, but if it’s sunny, GET ON YOUR BIKE!

Cold (‘Cool’ for our Northern based fans!) weather riding tips:

We don’t have to worry about snow and ice 99% of the time so your bicycle needs no winterizing. Just remember to factor in the earlier sunset when riding in the afternoons.


If the temperature is in the 60’s you’ll be nice a toasty with a just light jacket.. zippered is preferred so you can adjust how much ventilation you get. If you are already warm when you start your ride you will be too hot in a matter of minutes and will have to make adjustments. So start your ride feeling a little cold and you’ll be just fine.

With temperatures in the 50’s you will want another layer such as a light sweatshirt under your jacket. Also, a beanie or cap (you probably already know that you lose 30% of your body heat through your head). Once you warm up it’s easy to take your cap off and stuff it in a pocket.

When we dip into the 40’s it’s time to add a layer to the legs and a pair of cold weather riding gloves and some warmer socks. If there is a wind blowing you may want a face guard on longer rides. Make sure you remember to stay hydrated. Cold weather can dehydrate you faster than warm weather and the last thing you need is a cramp 10 miles out.

It rarely gets colder than that around here and when it does it’s a great excuse to just relax with a warm beverage and catch up on some reading (or binge-watch the last season of…..).

Or you can swing by the Bike Shop for a visit and see the new bikes and accessories we have for 2015!

See you soon!

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